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The Best Lip Plumper ever created...

Our journey towards finding the best lip plumper began when a close friend of mine had returned from the doctor’s surgery unhappy and disappointed in the results she had paid for. She had received lip injections to correct her average sized lips and a few minor lip lines that were beginning around her lips. Unfortunately her lip injection results did not meet her expectations, even though she had used the most experienced surgeon in town and paid for the best augmentation treatment available.

Even worse, her lips became desensitized, slightly lumpy, uneven and significantly bruised. In my opinion, the amount of time wasted on travelling to and from the doctors surgery, including the amount of money spent on the actual procedure was not worth the time, effort, money or results she was looking for.

It was then that I decided to create a natural lip enlarging device to enhance the lip size as significantly as lip injections can – without the pain, expensive cost, time, lumpiness or unevenness that commonly occurs. Our unique patented product was developed to enable you to enhance your lips up to 50% larger in a matter of minutes and without the physical invasiveness, downtime, cost or pain involved in the doctor’s chair.

Show off your lips that are 100% all natural and not fake! Keep your lips soft and sensitive to the kiss!

Lip Plumping Benefits

  • Increase your lip size 30-50% - please see our lip plumping video & photos
  • The plumping takes only 5 minutes to complete
  • The results lasts from 8 – 12 hours
  • The plumping device is easy to use, non-invasive, all-natural and pain free
  • The device is affordable, high quality & long lasting - durable.
  • Keep your lips soft and sensitive to the kiss!
  • The lip plumper can be carried with you anywhere, anytime for your convenience.
  • Safe to use by any woman – pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Has been successfully used on a range of woman of different face and lip shapes and sizes.
  • World Wide recognised brand which delivers genuine successful results.

I'm very passionate when I tell you what our products can do, as I use them personally day and night. I recommend everyone out there to have at least one of our lip plumpers. Its one plumping product you'll never regret buying. My lip plumper makes me feel strong, beautiful and successful giving an instant boost to my confidence every day!

To all you beautiful girls and woman around the world, join me now for the rest of our fun adventure as we expand the Lip Plumping Shop ® culture around the world.

Lip plumping co founder Krissie
Krissie Duncan

CEO: The Lip Plumping Shop