Girls with Beautiful Lips

Girls with Beautiful Lips

It’s not a secret that not all of us were blessed with Perfect Lips. But, this should not be a reason for despair as we have an amazing Lip Plumping System that will make your lips appear more Luscious and Radiant everyday. You can be one of those girls if you follow the solutions illustrated herein:

Lip color fixative

Have you ever heard of a lip color fixative? This is a thin film of Chap Stick containing a special recipe whose function is to hold your lip

color whilst at the same time protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun as well and other weather elements. Our Ultra Lip Desire Gloss helps to retain the moisture within your lips and to soften your lips which, which will allow for a smoother application of lipstick and lipliner.

Powder lips

If you would like your lipstick to last for a longer period of time without the need for visiting the powder room constantly, you need to blot your lips once you have applied the lipstick so as to set in the color and eliminate any excess Lipstick. Thereafter, apply a thin film of loose powder, then smear the lipstick again.

How to tone down excess shine

If you want to tone down the excess shine on your lips, follow the instructions given below:

Hold a single-ply tissue over your lips. Press a small amount of loose powder through it. This will allow only the right amount of powder to sift through and stick to the color, thus reducing its shine.

How to enhance the appearance of your lips

You can enhance the appearance of your lips by following the instructions given below. To increase the shine on your lips, apply a thin film of transparent lip gloss over your favorite lipstick shade. On the other hand, if you want an extreme shine, try using a lip lacquer after applying your favorite lipstick shade.